Swann Floodlight Security System – Wifi, Night Vision, Siren, Motion Lighting

Floodlight Security System by Swann, Motion Lighting, Heat Sensing, 2-Way Talk, Siren, Night Vision, 1080P Camera

Swann Floodlight Security System - At Night (activated)When you are keen to keep the intruders away, it is essential that you should invest your trust in Swann Floodlight Security System or something closely similar. This floodlight security system is available in a perfect black or white color. In our honest opinion, this is one of the best and bound to address your needs.
What makes this floodlight security system stand out is that it offers 1080p HD. Well, this means that you will not encounter any difficulty in looking at license plates and people’s faces during the night or during the day.

Last update on 2022-12-04 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Features of Swann Floodlight Security System

Night vision exclusive feature

The floodlights have 2500 lumens and the night vision is also available up to 100 ft. Well, this is why you can detect intruders right away.

Swann Floodlight Security System - Package contentsPush notification facility available

The best aspect of this security system is that you can get access to exclusive push notifications, whenever motion or heat gets detected.

Siren offered to scare away the intruders

Whenever an activity occurs on your premises, then the siren also gets triggered off. The benefit of the siren is that it alerts you, and you can drive off the intruders in no time. The siren can turn on automatically, but you also have the manual option to set the siren using the app.

Video streaming provided by Swann Floodlight Security System

The best part is that you can stream the video from the camera using Chromecast or Google assistant. You can also integrate Alexa devices with the screen.
You can also expand the security coverage whenever you feel the need. For this, you will need to create a WI-FI ecosystem with a security camera. You can manage the settings through Safe by Swann app.


• The video clips remain saved to the local memory for about 7 days.Swann Floodlight Security System - One App, Complete security
• The camera settings can be adjusted as per your convenience.
• You can enable or disable the motion lights through the app.
• There is no need for an additional hub to connect to Alexa.
• The security system is designed to last for a long time.
• Swann Floodlight Security System is weather-resistant.


• The manufacturer needs to improve mode switching for the night vision feature.
• The camera range also needs improvement.
• The manufacturer should provide video tutorials also.


You should not have any doubts related to Swann Floodlight Security System because it is packed with features that facilitate user convenience. The video clips remain saved on the cloud for about 2 days.Swann Floodlight Security System - Front Face View
The major problem for most people is that they are not willing to go for an expensive security system. If you have the same issue, then Swann is the perfect choice for you because it is affordable.
It has a crisp microphone that can pick up the sounds without a problem. The app is intuitive with a live mode. Plus, this security system offers a decent speaker to carry out two-way communication without a problem.
The LED lights can also be adjusted without a problem. The installation will not take you a lot of time. Even a novice can manage it with ease. Well, this is why you should not give it a second thought to buy this security system.

Last update on 2022-12-04 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

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