Swann DVR Security System – (4 Camera, 8 Channel, 1080P, Full HD)

Swann DVR Security System – (4 Camera, 8 Channel, 1080P, Full HD)

Swann 4 Camera 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security System 1TB HDD, Heat & Motion Sensing + Night Vision

Swann 4 Camera 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security - Full Package ViewWhen you are looking for a reliable security camera Swann DVR Security System 8 CH Full HD with 4 Cameras should be at the top of your list of choices. What makes this camera stand out is that it can provide night vision up to 50 ft.
Swann’s camera makes use of true detect technology for sensing the movement of objects like people and cars. The best part is that True Detect can trigger off the push notifications. Plus, it produces efficient videos. When you opt for Swann 4 camera, then you will not have to worry about any false triggers that are not relevant to the security.

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Features of Swann DVR Security System 1080P 8Ch 4 Cameras

Video Playback facility availableSwann 4 Camera 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security - Smart Security System

With this camera, you have the facility to watch live videos. You can also playback the videos on your Smartphone whenever you feel the need. However, you will need to have a HomeSafe view app for this purpose.
The best part is that you can simultaneously play recordings also for viewing a security incident.


View recordings from multiple cameras

What you will love about Swann is that it offers the QuickShot feature. As a result, you can play a slideshow from all the cameras.

Swann 4 Camera 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security - Example of a install pointSmart search facility offered

Swann camera has a smart search option also. You can search for a specific image area to figure out the movement that takes place in a recording.

Allows you to download images to your Dropbox

Once you have the images, then you can save the snapshots to your Dropbox account. You will need to set up the system to download the still images. The benefit of downloading images is that you can access them anytime you feel the need.

Weather-proof camera

Another aspect worth mentioning about the Swann camera is that it is designed to be weather-resistant. It can withstand the snow and sunshine both.
The camera has an attractive white casing. It is dust-proof also. Well, this is why it will not require frequent maintenance.

ProsSwann 4 Camera 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security - Basic features

• Swann 4 camera is a quality home security system available at an affordable price.
• It is a user-friendly camera.
• The installation is easy.
• It is a high-quality product.
• The camera is available at a budget-friendly price.
• It has a solid construction and the camera does not get damaged easily.


• The camera does not record sound, so the manufacturer needs to address this issue.
• Swann zoom feature needs improvement.
• The wire length of the camera needs to be increased.

Swann 4 Camera 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security - Single Camera ViewVerdict

I am of the opinion that Swann DVR Security System 4 camera will offer true value for your money. The camera offers visibility of 100 ft in the dark. You can view up to 130 ft in the presence of ambient light due to powerful infrared availability.
You can also add an additional camera to the DVR. You also have the option to add extension cables whenever you feel the need. The camera system has a manual option as well. The benefit of the manual is that you can view it whenever you require and follow the instructions in setting up your camera.
The camera also tends to record when the heat is detected, so this is yet another plus of Swann.
All the necessary wiring is also included with the camera system. When you need a dependable security camera system, you can count on Swann Security System without a doubt.
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