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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System – 5 Piece

SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System – Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring – No Contract

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System - Just ask Amazon Alexa (1)SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System (5 Piece) is a no-hassle way to watch your home. It is available in a distinct white color.
Most people get worried about their safety when a power outage occurs. Well, you do not have to be concerned at all. The reason is that SimpliSafe provides you the perfect protection, and the backup battery provides power for about 24 hours even in case of an outage.

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Features of 5pcs SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

SmashSafe feature available

The best aspect about SimpliSafe is the SmashSafe feature. Well, this means that if an intruder tries to take your keypad, then the police will receive an alert.

Double cellular connection security

The manufacturer ensured the fact that they double-up cellular connection security.

Efficient motion detectors providedSimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System - Just Ask Amazon Alexa (2)

SimpliSafe-5pcs-Security has smart motion detectors that can detect intruders and pets also.

Flawless entry sensors

The best aspect of this security system is that it has entry sensors too. They protect the doors and windows. The good news is that no one will notice these sensors, but at the same time, the security of your home will not get compromised.

Big and bright keypad

The keypad is bright and big. Well, this is why it becomes easy to use the keypad at night.
The security system has a base station too. It sends the alarm to the monitoring system if an intruder enters your premises. The base station has a built-in cellular connection.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System - Just Ask Amazon Alexa (3)Pros

• SimpliSafe-5pcs-Security system works well with Amazon Alexa.
• The setup process is simple.
• You will not require any plug to operate the keypad.
• The security system can integrate up to 100 components.
• It will not be difficult for you to add the sensors.
• You will not have to worry about false alarms.


• SimpliSafe-5pcs-Security system misses out on a separate video monitor.
• It will be a smart idea to improve the siren of the base station.
• The manufacturer needs to introduce the garage door sensor.

VerdictSimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System - Package Selection 5, 8, 9, 12 Pcs

The reason you should invest in the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System is that they have a fool-proof system. They have about 6 monitoring systems to protect your home, so there are no chances of failure. When you go for this security system, then you do not have to worry about fire or smoke also.
The monitoring company can detect the fire, and they update the relevant department. If you have separate pins for each event, then it will not be an issue for you to keep a record of the event logs.
What you will appreciate about this camera is that it has the audio facility also, so you can record voices without a problem. You do not have to get concerned about battery replacement also because you will get a warning when the battery needs to get replaced.
Now, the good news is that you even have the option to use the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System without a monitoring service, so the choice is up to you. Grab the opportunity and purchase this security system right away to buy your peace of mind.
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