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Features To Look For When Buying A Home Security Camera System

It’s never been easy to keep an eye on the house, but thanks to the new home security cameras that allows monitoring every activity in your residence. These video cameras are connected to the Wi-Fi network in your home for sending clips, live video feeds and alerts to the Smartphone. Generally, these are DIY devices that mean to do the setup and monitor them on your own rather than calling professionals for the work. While it helps to save monitoring and installation fees and moreover, you will feel safer through self-monitoring.

The wireless security camera system has become affordable in the past years. It is because of the small camera sensors, cheap Wi-Fi chips, and fast internet. You won’t believe that many companies also provide video doorbell that is connected to the internet. All these are the features of wireless security cameras. If you are the one who is looking to secure your house from residential burglaries, then don’t worry, we would like to help. With lots of options available in the market, indeed, it is tough to look for the ideal home security system that keeps your family safe and secure. Here is a guide that will help you at the time of buying a security camera. Let us talk about the top features below.

1. Resolution and quality of the camera

The first element to look in a security camera system is to know about the quality. No one wants to have that one, which can’t make the face of the intruder. Therefore, it is best to go for quality rather than choosing a quantity. If you are going for 1280×720 pixels, then this is perfect for the house. Moreover, you can also go for choosing 1920×1080 for ultimate clarity.

2. Recording type

A security camera can record everything that is happening in the place. While there are many options for recording and the oldest one is the videocassette recorder. But, these days many people prefer to use hard drives and memory cards. If you want to have unlimited storage, then you can go for saving it in the cloud. Therefore, you have to make sure to know the type of recording supported by the camera.

3. Choosing between indoor and outdoor cameras

Generally, there are two types of security cameras, and they are indoor and outdoor ones. The first one is used for offices, homes, schools, and some other places. They are not water-resistant but can be easy to use. On the other hand, outdoor security cameras are specially designed for larger spaces and public areas. It is necessary to choose that one, which is waterproof, and compatible with weather. If you are going to plan to use indoor cameras for outdoor use, make sure to check the quality. The reason is that they are not designed for facing climatic effects.

4. Field of view

There is one thing to understand, and it is to know about the angle of the camera is not the same. It is because they all designed for a different purpose. A 120 degrees field view is perfect to set into the corner area. Well, thieves are smart, and if they know the camera can only tilt to 180 degrees, then they can destroy the house. Don’t worry as the modern one comes with horizontal rotation around 360 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. It gives a clear view of the places, and there is a need to place two others in different corners. Now, you have to control them with the remote to ensure that when one turns, then the other camera shows the view.

5. Lens and LEDs

At the time of buying a security camera, one has to look for the infrared lights. These are the small red lights that help to increase the night vision of the camera. If the number is high, then there are higher chances of capturing a clear view with ease. Moreover, they will able to tell whether the camera is working or not. There is also a need to look for the focus lens to ensure that they can cover a huge range. Another factor to consider about the glass is to know that they must have night visions. The reason is that these play a shady role in the safety of your family.

6. Notifications and alerts

When you are going to install the camera system, then you don’t want it to observe the actions but also tell about what is happening. You have to make sure to look for this feature while deciding on what to buy. There is no need to worry as the best one comes with alerts and notification options that are sent to the Smartphone. When the camera spotted face, sound, or motion, then it will send you an email or text message.

7. Security features

It is one of the most vital elements that need to be considered. We all know that thieves are lot smarter than these cameras. The reason is that they are able to hack the system with ease, and you will never know what is going on. Therefore, you have to look for that one, which comes with the latest security portals and can encrypt transmission through the internet. If your camera is not able to do it, then there is nothing you can do at the time of the unusual appearance in the house.

8. Battery backup

Many companies manufacture the camera system with the latest technology for providing complete battery backup. Think when the power is gone, but it is able to work and make you feel confident about home safety. Always make sure to look for that one, which has proper battery backup.

9. Wireless or wired cameras

Indeed, wired ones can be bought at low prices, and they are also able to provide a secure connection with the cameras. These are more reliable than wireless ones. But, wireless cameras also come with some benefits. They can be easy to install and reliable. There is only one major drawback of the wireless connection is the battery. In the case of wired ones, you don’t have to worry about the battery backup.

To sum up, all these are the top features to look for when buying a home security camera system. You have to make sure to schedule the camera properly. It is because to ensure that you can make changes in it anytime, anywhere. Always make sure to know the storage capacity so that you don’t miss any required recordings. Don’t forget to look for the audio quality with the video so that you can listen to every subtle talk easily.


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