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Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

Reolink PoE Home Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired IP Cameras, 8-CH NVR Security System 2TB HDD 24/7 Recording

Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Security Camera System - Camera parts and PortsReolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System is one of the best security camera systems that will ensure the safety of your premises. What you will appreciate about this camera is that it offers reliable remote access to the users.
Well, when you invest in Reolink, you can make use of their exclusive app to access the footage through your smart device or your computer. When you have the app, then it becomes easy for you to view the footage right away.

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Features of Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

Smart motion detection feature offered

The best aspect of Reolink 8CH IP Camera is that it offers smart motion alerts. Once the camera detects the movement of objects, it can trigger off the alerts on an immediate basis. You may receive an email in your inbox or a 30-second video recording.
Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Security Camera System - Plug & Play mobile accessThe security camera system may send push notifications through your app. You can upload these images to an FTP server. The good news is that the NVR has a buzzer also, and it creates a sound warning if any motion gets detected.

Provides continuous recording facility

Your get pre-installed 2TB HDD with this security camera. As a result, you can record the videos continuously. You also have the option to replace the 2TB with the hard drives for getting more space.
If you replace the 2TB HDD with hard drives, then you can get a storage space of about 4TB.

Perfect HDD display

The home security system has 5 MP IP cameras, and they have a pixel resolution of about 2560*1920. As a result, you can get a chance to view every image detail without a problem.

Has an ideal working temperature

Reolink can easily operate at a temperature of 10-degree centigrade to 55-degree centigrade. It is waterproof also.Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Security Camera System - Where can you Install


• Reolink 8CH IP Camera offers excellent night vision.
• The camera is designed to last for a long time.
• The design looks attractive.
• You can customize the sensitivity of the motion alerts.
• Alerts are viewable right away.
• When you open the app, you get access to the live video and audio stream.


• The manufacturer has to work on reducing the false motion.
• Remote access does not work well with the advertised browser.
•Motion events should be viewable in the playback timeline for Mac users.

Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Security Camera System - Full contents of the packageVerdict

Opting for Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System is a smart approach because four cameras operate simultaneously to ensure your home safety. Secondly, the setup is simple when you go for Reolink. You have to get hold of a single PoE cable for running the audio and video.
When you buy this security camera system, it is available with a 59ft cable that has 8 pins. You can easily stretch the cable to about 270ft via Cat5. You can also stretch it to 330ft via Cat6.
Plus, you will not feel the need to buy any additional cables when you get hold of this security camera system. When you go for this camera, you will get a brochure also so that you can get a chance to view the information in detail.
You get excellent video quality with this security camera system so you will not have any regrets at the end of the day. Make it a point to invest your trust in Reolink.
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