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Picture Frame Nanny Cam – Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Night Vision

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden – Picture Frame Nanny Cam – 720HD Night Vision & Motion Detection

When you are worried about someone breaking into your home, then the best refuge is NightWell Picture Frame Nanny Cam. The best thing about this NanncyCam is that it can get hung on a wall. You can also place it on a bookshelf or desk.

When you buy this Cam, then you can look forward to a complete kit that has all the essentials. The kit has an exclusive HD picture frame camera. It has a USB charging cable and a reset pin. You also get a USB card reader with his kit.
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Features of this Picture Frame Nanny Cam

WI-FI enabled camera available

The best aspect of this NannyCam is that it has WI-FI enabled. Well, this is why it will not be difficult for you to record videos on your Smartphone. The good news is that the camera facilitates real-time recording also.

Smart night vision feature

What you will love about this NannyCam is that it has an exclusive night vision feature. It means that you can see in the absolute dark up to 8 feet. Another aspect worth mentioning about this Cam is that it supports about 128 GB.

Loop recording feature offered

NightWell-NannyCam offers loop recording feature. Well, it means that it overwrites the old files once the memory gets full.

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CMOS sensors contribute to the clear video

The Cam has HD CMOS sensors that can produce a clear video.
You can also move the camera up and down without a problem. Plus, you can also continue the recording without the WI-FI.


• NightWell-NannyCam installs quickly.
• The Security Cam is wireless.
• The CMOS sensors can adjust to the changes in the light.
• Users get notification on their Smartphone when motion gets detected.
• It has a 100 mah battery that gets triggered off by motion.
• The battery charge lasts for a long time.


• WI-FI gets disconnect frequently.
• The camera cannot be pre-set.
• You cannot directly use the SD card.


What you will appreciate about this Picture Frame Nanny Cam by NightWell is that it is very easy to use. All you need to do is download the app and follow the given instructions in the manual. The motion detector is yet another useful feature of this Cam.
The best part is that the picture frame design of this camera offers a discreet approach to monitor the activities around. Another aspect worth mentioning about this Cam is that the audio recording is clear.
You can also continue the recording while charging the camera. However, you will need to open the app to see the battery information live. As a result, you will get to know when the battery is fully charged.
When you hang this picture frame camera, then you have the option to change the picture anytime you feel the need. The appealing design makes this camera an exciting choice, so buy this Cam with confidence.
If you have any concerns, make sure that you raise them to the manufacturer at the time of purchase, so that you do not have any doubts when you put this camera to use.
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