Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm (DCPA-4000)

Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm (DCPA-4000)

Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 Wireless Driveway Alarm System Vehicle Detecting Probe Transmitter with Cable

Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm System - Detect moving vehiclesMost people get caught off guard when a car approaches their homes, and DCPA-4000 Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm is the perfect solution to that problem. It is a superior quality driveway alarm system.
The Dakota driveway alarm system has a magnetic probe that can sense the change in the magnetic field. The magnetic vehicle probe is put under your driveway. The wire tends to run to the wireless transmitter.

The wireless transmitter can get mounted on a pole, tree, or wall. When a car enters through the detection area, then the wireless transmitter will send a signal to the receiver which will then trigger the alarm.

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Features of Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

Exclusive Transmitter available to offer flawless operation

The universal transmitter is a versatile component of this home security system. It operates using a 3v lithium battery. Plus, there are several methods available for activating the transmitter.

Push button acts as a wireless doorbellDakota Alert Driveway Alarm System - Instant Alerts

The Dakota home security system has a push button also that can get used as a panic button. It acts as a wireless doorbell in case of an emergency.
You will notice the fact that the system has a magnetic window/door contact that is indicative of the door inputs.

Top-quality motion detector offered

What you will like about Dakota-DCPA4000 is that it has a wireless motion detector also. It can detect motion with a one-mile radio range. The DCMT-4000 sensor operates using a battery of 9V. The receiver gets the signal when the vehicle is within a mile.

Break Beam system provided

Additionally, you get a break beam system with Dakota. The best part is that the break beam system does not require any wiring or installation. You can mount the infrared sensing terminals up to 300 feet apart.
It sends a signal to the motion detector when someone passes within the sensor range.

Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm System - No false alarmsPros

• You can pair up about 16 sensors with this kit for monitoring large surface areas.
• It is weather-resistant.
• Dakota-DCPA4000 does not trigger false alarms.
• It can detect cars within 10 to 12 feet.
• You receive the incoming alerts for the vehicles on an immediate basis.
• The Dakota home security system has a sophisticated design.


• The manufacturer needs to incorporate the vehicle count feature.
• There needs to be an exit delay to pause the chime for about 5 minutes.
• The user needs the option to choose between the chimes by setting the dip switches.

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VerdictDakota Alert Driveway Alarm System - Perfect for Driveways

You should buy Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm DCPA-4000 because the directions for setting up this system are easy to follow. Even a novice user can manage the process with immense ease. The best part is that Dakota home security system has an excellent range as well.
You can also hook up additional audio alerts in the location of your choice, and you can also extend the length of the probe wire as per your requirement. The system makes use of advanced technology, so you will be confident of the fact that the security of your Home is not on the line, so do not be hesitant to purchase this system. The bottom line is, it’s a superior quality alert system and you can buy it with confidence.

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