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Anran Wireless Security Camera (NVR Camera System) – Outdoor Wifi 4CH

Wireless Security Camera System by Anran – NVR Camera System with 4Pcs 1080P Night vision Waterproof Cameras

Anran Wireless NVR Security Camera System - Indoor, Outdoor, Night Vision, WaterproofIf you’re looking for a reliable & flawless home security system then Anran Wireless Security Camera NVR (Network Video Recorder) is the best option that can come your way. There is no denying the fact that Anran has the edge over other video recorders available in the market because of its unique material and appearance.

What makes Anran stand out is that it has a black aluminum build. The exclusive aspect of this network video recorder is that it has a unique wireless security feature. Well, this is why it will not be a problem for you to receive the email notifications on your phone.
You get the notifications whenever the wireless system detects activity.
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Features of Anran Wireless Security Camera

Offers exclusive night vision

The remarkable aspect about Anran is that it offers night vision also and it offers a view till 75 ft.

Automatic pairs with your deviceAnran Wireless NVR Security Camera System - View on your mobile

The best aspect of the Anran camera is that it automatically pairs with your system once you power on the Anran.

Remote access to the videos

Once you record the video on this network video recorder, then the benefit of this practice is that you can view the footage remotely also. You can see the video on your laptop, camera, or PC.
Anran offers an exclusive app so that it becomes easy for you to group multiple systems and view about 4 cameras simultaneously.

24/7 recording available

You can depend upon Anran Wireless Security Camera-NVR because it offers 24/7 video recording. About 1 TB hard drive is installed inside the video recorder. However, you need to keep one thing in mind, and that is the video recorder supports about 4 TB maximum.
The 24/7 recording facility is available because the IP camera has an IR-cut, and this is why you do not have to miss a second of the recording. The IR cut tends to switch the day/night mode as per the surrounding light.
If you are looking for some basic details about Anran, then it will not be an issue. The reason is that the manufacturer makes it a point to provide a basic manual with the home security system.

Anran Wireless NVR Security Camera System - The Set and Child with Christmas Gift


• The wireless home security system is easy to setup.
• ANRAN Wireless-NVR has a durable design.
• The network video recorder looks appealing.
• The camera offers a superior resolution at 1080p.
• Even distant cameras have the perfect signal strength.
• Anran is an affordable camera.

Anran Wireless NVR Security Camera System - Package ContentsCons

• The manufacturer needs to improve the quality of the mobile app.
• You may encounter browser support issues when using this camera system.
• You might encounter slight difficulty in adjusting the color settings.


I strongly feel that Anran Wireless Security Camera System is the best option that can come your way. The reason is that once you plug in the camera, you can start viewing the video on the screen right away. Plus, the image quality is superb.
Another aspect that I liked about this home security system is that the WI-FI signals are good. Plus, you can get an additional antenna from the manufacturer to improve the signal quality.
When you plan to invest in a home security system, then you do not want to make any compromise. Anran is an approved patent design in the CCTV security field so you should not be reluctant to buy it.

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