Amcrest Ultrahd 4K Security IP Turret POE Camera - Featured Image

Amcrest Ultrahd 4K- (8mp) Outdoor Security IP Turret POE Camera

Amcrest 8MP UltraHD 4K NightVision Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera

Amcrest Ultrahd 4K Security IP Turret POE Camera - Single Camera ViewWhen you value the security of your home and business, it is essential to install a system like Amcrest UltraHD 4K camera. The best part is that once this camera gets installed on your premises, you will be able to view the driveway and surroundings around the house & yards without a problem.

Amcrest UltraHD has got several options for video recording. When you want a local copy of the video to be stored on your computer, then you need a micro SD card. Once the card gets installed, then you can make use of the motion/sound-triggered recording at the highest frame rate and the highest resolution.
What you will love about this camera is that it has got extensive options for customization. Plus, you have the access to every access of the camera operation.
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Features of this Turret POE Amcrest Ultrahd 4K

View live recordings

The privilege that you get with this camera is that you get a chance to view the live audio and video feed also. You can also playback the stored recordings whenever you feel the need.

Motion detection and sound recording available

The commendable aspect about Amcrest is the motion detection feature. You can specify the time and days when you want the motion detection feature to be active. You get exclusive notifications for the motion detection feature.Amcrest Ultrahd 4K Security IP Turret POE Camera - Product Specs
Plus, you have the opportunity to define the sound recording schedule also. You will get to see a live graph for the sound recording that shows the sound level.

Noise reduction filter offered

The appreciable aspect of this camera is that it has a noise reduction filter that can reduce the background sound in no time. Amcrest is available with a built-in microphone that is sensitive to sound so you can look forward to improved sound quality.

Offers a video cloud backup

When you opt for Amcrest, then you can get cloud video backup with it. Well, this is why it becomes easy for you to store the videos in third-party locations. The benefit of this practice is that if anything happens to your video, then it will be safely recorded in a third party location.Amcrest Ultrahd 4K Security IP Turret POE Camera - Amcrest View Pro App
The Amcrest UltraHD is weatherproof so you can use it anytime without any apprehensions whatsoever. It makes use of H.265 exclusive compression technology, and it offers a powerful LED also for night vision.


• The Amcrest camera is designed to last for a long time.
• It has an impressive design.
• The camera is easy to use.
• Amcrest offers fantastic audio quality.
• You will not find any difficulty in making camera adjustments.
• You will not require any additional wires for the setup.


• The instructions need to be more detailed.
• The browser support needs improvement.
• It is difficult to locate the microSD slot.

Amcrest Ultrahd 4K Security IP Turret POE Camera - Port & Power ConnectionVerdict

I am an ardent believer in this Amcrest Ultrahd 4K camera and have my full trust in this system. In my view, you will make the right choice when you purchase this security Camera system. It offers a viewing angle of about 112 degrees. As a result, you can get maximum coverage. The video quality is also smooth and crisp. The higher resolution enables you to zoom into distances.
Another incentive about Amcrest is that you can view the footage using your Smartphone or you can make use of the Amcrest View app also.
The night vision range is also impressive, so go for this camera with confidence. You will not have any regrets.
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